Video & Voice

We can program, video & voice, using tools technologies like ML, VOIP, webrtc and ffmpeg etc. We have developed solutions for better video conferencing, web to web, web to mobile to mobileRead More…


Facial Recognition

We have done great work on facial recognition through machine learning. We built this technology for some of world-changing projects.


Cross Platform Integration

We are expert in building integration between different platforms. healtcare.gov integration is among our best integration work. Customer can search an insurance plan, subscribe insurance plan and the complete their enrollment. WeRead More…


Blockchain – Omnibazaar

We built this distributed marketplace, where there is not central server and everything is hosted on customer nodes. Customers can buy products from this marketplace using Bitcoin and Omnicoin. Website: https://omnibazaar.com/


GIS De-limitations

We built a google map tool to define digital/GIS boundaries of different regions, to show them on google map. That tool helped adding polling stations or other POIs in a geographical area.Read More…


Smart Assistant

We have developed a smart assistant, much like Google Home and Alexa but with more focused areas. This is our own product. It responds to the speech, talks with the user andRead More…